17 Vital Tips for Kitchen Design and Decorating

Killer Kitchen Design Tips

Are you looking for some exceptional tips to change your kitchen design and decor? The kitchen is the heart of any home. It’s where everyone goes to get nourished, so it should look amazing.Ā  They’ll change your house forever. Although many things have changed over the years, the kitchen continues to be a sacred space for families across America.

While the number of restaurants and fast-food options surge, according to a 2016 ReportLinker survey, 98% of people still prefer cooking at home. This reinforces the concept that many of us already know, the kitchen remains the heart of the home

It’s where we come together to prepare meals, celebrate life’s milestones, and share traditions passed from one generation to the next. It’s a place that many of us turn for nourishment, not just for the body, but for the soul, as well.

So, it only makes sense that your kitchen should be one of your home’s most defining and welcoming areas. Are you looking for fresh and inviting kitchen design tips?

Read on to find out how to make your kitchen come to life!

Decorating the Heart of the Home With Design Tips

Tips For Designing and Decorating a KitchenWhen designing your kitchen, it’s best to include equal measures of functionality and style. With a little effort, it is possible to achieve a space that keeps up with your family’s busy pace, while decorating with flavor and flair.

Here are 17 kitchen designing tips that’ll help you make the most of every inch!

1. Clear the Clutter

Kitchens are notorious gathering spaces, not just for family members, but also for their junk. School papers, junk mail, keys, and other items, often collect daily on kitchen countertops.

Once the piles start to accumulate, adding to the clutter becomes a non-issue. Before you know it, you have a week’s worth of castaway litter to sort through. For many people, this task can be stressful and overwhelming.

Instead of spending your Saturday sorting through piles of paperwork, loose change, marketing fliers, and more, get a handle on your family’s excess clutter.

Create a Do-It-Yourself filing system for your entire crew to prioritize items immediately. And place organizers at the typical landing spot to remind your fam of the new policy to keep things in order.

You might even designate a row of drawers for specific family members. For example, bills, permission slips to be signed, and car keys would go in the drawer for mom and dad. While, notes to teachers, lunch money, and the like would go into your child’s drawer.

You can also donate unwanted items like excess furniture to a charity as well. Doing so will make the kitchen space seem far more spacious! Not only that, but you’ll be helping a family in need at the same time. A win-win!

It may sound simple, but clutter can ruin an otherwise beautifully designed kitchen quicker than anything else.

2. Hang Pots and Pans

Short on kitchen cabinet space? Try hanging pots and pans on wall hooks for an easy and handy storage solution.

Typically, pots and pans are one of the bulkier items taking up space in cabinets. This space-saving idea is one that works no matter the size of your kitchen.

3. Make a Style Statement With Furniture

Whatever your style, furniture for the kitchen is a great way to make a bold statement without committing to a costly, more-permanent overhaul.

Retro bar stools in funky bright hues or an antique, wrought iron baker’s rack serve a dual purpose by adding style and function.

4. Creatively Display Cutting Boards

Cutting boards are another easy-to-store item, especially since they require little more space and width than a picture that hangs on the wall. So, they won’t cause a cumbersome interference for your walkway when hung on the wall.

Arrange a variety of wood shades and patterns and sizes to create a creative and artful display of this kitchen essential.

5. Lighten Up With Bright White Cabinetry

One of the top trending designer favorites for the kitchen is cabinets painted bright white. The shade itself is open and inviting. And, white cabinets are super easy-to-clean and won’t fade with typical kitchen cleaning products.

The strategic use of colors can invoke a just-right mood to start or end the day. Plus, white cabinets can accommodate practically everyone’s taste.

Want to add a little more flavor to a white kitchen? Use colorful linens and curtains, stylish furniture, and other decorative touches to establish your kitchen’s unique personality.

6. Create a Message Hub

For many families, the kitchen is one of the rooms that all household members tend to visit throughout the day. It’s often a busy area where interactions and exchanges are made as everyone rushes out of the house in the morning. Kids and adults commonly stop in for snacks or meals after work, school, or activities.

Instead of leaving behind paper notes or post-its to communicate messages with one another, create a message board. This minimizes clutter and ensures that everyone knows where to go for crucial need-to-know information

A message hub is a quick and easy kitchen addition that makes a lot of sense for today’s on-the-go lifestyles. And, it can be implemented practically anywhere you have a little extra wall space. You might even choose to use the front or side of your refrigerator as a message board if you prefer.

A magnetic, dry-erase calendar, corkboard, or chalkboard can be hung with either hooks or adhesive backing. Or, you can even use chalkboard paint strategically in one specific area, such as over an eat-in table or even on the front of your kitchen island.

Use it to convey appointments, messages of endearment, or scheduling reminders throughout the week. You could also appoint a specific color chalk for each family member for further easy of clarification.

7. An Eat-in Window Nook

Maximize the floor space of a bay window or kitchen nook with a practical eat-in dining solution. This will save your dining room for sit down meals or guests while allowing an intimate space for families to catch up over coffee.

Plus, the light from the window serves as a natural wake up call during breakfast’s early morning hours.

Maximize the space even more by installing an attached tabletop that lets down or up when needed and can easily latch to the wall when not in use to add an extra room to your kitchen’s flow.

8. Cozy Bench Seating

Cozy storage bench seating pairs perfectly with a space-saving table to complete your eat-in kitchen nook.

Storage benches are a genius solution for seats that also add extra space for out of sight, less frequently used items like tablecloths, small, rarely needed appliances, items used for entertaining, and more.

You can purchase one of these or do it yourself with simple instructions found online. Seat cushions can be easily made with washable covers in your choice of fabric. You may even want to make a couple of different covers to change out from time to time.

9. Rework Open Shelves

Open shelving is a hot trend for kitchens today. But, all too often, we use the area without putting much thought into the fact that the contents are in plain view for everyone to see.

Instead of cramming your open shelves with this and that, create purposefully designed individual spaces. You can use decorative kitchen cloths, matching stacks of brightly colored dishes, cookbooks, or anything worthy of being seen, and needs a place to land.

10. Hang Coffee Mugs

Use the range above your sink, microwave, or a narrow wall space to hang your favorite coffee mugs. This is another space saver that gives you extra cabinet room while letting you show off your family’s individuality.

There are tons of precious patterned coffee mugs you can choose from. Or, you might decide to hang cups that mark special occasions, such as one from each of your family’s vacation destinations, or sentimental mugs that were gifts from friends and family.

11. Designate Your Island’s Purpose

All too often, the kitchen island turns into a free for all and loses its purpose.

First, decide how your island will get the most use. Perhaps you would like to use it as an eat-at-the-bar option for quick meals. Or, if you routinely cook family dinners, you might designate this space for meal prep.

However, you decide to use your island, keep it focused on its purpose, and free of other types of kitchen clutter. One way to remind household members of its purpose is to incorporate mainstays in line with its intended use.

If it’s used for meal prep, hang cutting and charcuterie boards on the side, place a decorative pitcher filled with essential cooking utensils in the center, or you may want to make it a permanent spot for your electric mixer.

If you are planning to feed family members, use barstool seating, simple place settings, and decorative placemats to remind members, its not a landing space for junk.

Naming your island’s purpose and adding essential accents will ensure that the area is ready for use when needed. And, it maintains a clutter-free kitchen environment that is always presentable should guests drop by for a cup of tea.

12. A Vintage Butcher Block Table for Two

Remember your grandparent’s vintage butcher block table?

These are still just as practical, and on-trend, as they were in times’ past. Although, they tend to be overlooked by homeowners today.

You can sometimes find original butcher block tables at flea markets and thrift stores for a steal. If you buy from an antique dealer, they can cost thousands of dollars. However, some would agree that they are worth the price tag.

Or, choose one of the modern-day versions for a fraction of the price. They are commonly sold at kitchen and home goods stores.

13. Let the Light In

When deciding on kitchen lighting options, don’t take your windows for granted. Daylight offers a natural and invigorating way to start the day, and it’s cost and energy-efficient, too.

Instead of covering windows with full-length curtains, use cafe curtains or valances to let the light in. You might even install an overhead skylight if you really want to cut down on energy-zapping light fixtures.

For evenings, choose dimmable lighting that can be controlled for brighter or softer settings, depending on your needs and preferences. These tend to allow lighting to be cozy and comfy during meals, while still providing bursts of bright light as needed for meal preparation or not so sunny days. You can see an excellent guide for home lighting in this tutorial.

14. Install a Tin Tile Backsplash

A tin tile backsplash is stylish, easy to clean, and easy to install. Plus it can be matched to your kitchen’s hardware for a seamless, eye-appealing look.

Tin tile is one of the most popular home trends for both its’ ease of installation, as well as its’ light-reflective and stylish appearance.

15. A Standalone DIY Shelf

If you don’t have built-in shelving, you might choose to add your own version of with a standalone pantry.

These are another popular kitchen do it yourself projects that can be easily made or bought. Standalone pantries offer a right mix of open and closed shelving options and can be moved around to accommodate changing layouts.

You can choose a version that’s perfect for any style, whether you favor a traditional farmhouse design or a modern contemporary look.

16. A Breakfast or Beverage Bar

Create an easy space for on-the-go morning stops with a simple, narrow tabletop that extends from an unused wall. A breakfast bar can double as a beverage bar when entertaining dinner visitors. Otherwise, it makes serving breakfast a breeze.

All it takes is an unused windowsill or counter ledge, in a strategically placed high-traffic area, and you have the perfect place to grab and go for coffee or breakfast items.

17. Unique Hardware and Fixtures Add Interest and Flair

There are many unique and interesting hardware and fixture options that can be installed to add personal flair to the design of your kitchen. Hardware and fixtures are necessary items that don’t take up any extra space and can be used for easy kitchen decorating.

Want More Easy and Space-Saving Design Ideas for Your Home?

If you would like more ideas like these kitchen design tips to for decorating other areas of your home, we can help.

You would be surprised how easy it is to incorporate practical, stylish updates and trends in every room of the house. Like many of the tips here, a lot of the ideas we provide have low-cost, do-it-yourself alternatives that are simple to make without spending lots of money.

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