The Importance of Spring Shingle Roof Maintenance

Maintaining Your Roof

Winter has gone, and spring is knocking at the door! We all look forward to the warm weather, as it helps us maintain our house exterior, including the roof. Most of us are unaware of what is precisely happening or what happened with our roofs.

It is because we hardly climb up and inspect the roof conditions. But then, this can turn into a serious issue, if neglected for a long time. It will turn out as a cost-effective roof up keeping strategy by paying more attention. Many certified roof maintenance companies suggest the homeowners go for the simple upkeep of their roofs, especially during the change of seasons.

If done regularly, the harsh weather will never have a negative impact.

Signs indicating maintenance of roof shingles

The Importance Of Spring Roof MaintenanceAs a proud house owner, you should be well-versed with the general damages that take place on your roof, especially during harsh winters. Mentioned below are sure signs, which your roof and its additional parts, like shingles, might require replacement.

The roof shingles that are collapsing, bending or sweltering, generally indicate the expiry of life expectancy of the same. Keep a note of these aspects, so that you be conscious of its further deterioration. These are sure-fire ways of knowing how to tell your roof needs replacing.

  • Repair the wear-n-tear or the loosened material around the house pipes, kitchen chimneys, and the other outlets.
  • The gutters get clogged owing to the excess amount of shingle pieces which are essential as it gives weight and protects the same from the harsh UV Rays.
  • Inspect the surrounding areas of the pipes and chimneys.
  • Keep a check on any leakages inside your house from the walls and the ceilings.

Follow this route, and you will never suffer from the damaged shingles. Read on further for six important spring roof maintenance tips.

Initially, repair the damages.

Once spring sets in, make a conscious effort on checking all the significant roof shingle aspects. Look out for the major and minor damages. Before winter knocks on your door, consult an experienced roof maintenance company, having more than 5-7 years of roof installing experience. In the roofing industry, there are many fly by night companies. It is essential to hire the right roofing contractors to make sure you get the best job possible. Asking for references is vital.

Clear out the drains and downspouts

It is a good idea to clean the downspouts and gutters, if possible, twice a year. During severe monsoons, the clogged drains will stop the rainwater from getting drained-out. It results in overflowing of the gutters, continuous leaking, and other problems while causing severe damage to the exterior of the property.

Also, when the clogged drains become heavy with water, it results in the deterioration of the roof’s fascia boards. During the onset of spring, the drains seem to take a real beating. The gutter opening becomes clogged with all sorts of dried leaves, twigs, acorns, and much other debris.

You will need to ensure the downspout is draining out the water from the house foundation.

Once you implement all the immediate precautionary measures, keep a note of these associated useful tips to make the house gutters ready year-round.

  • While you are cleaning the gutters of the roof shingles, pick the dried leaves, needles, sticks, and seeds with the aid of a garden trowel.
  • Avoid using garden hose-pipe to clear the gutters, as it would result in clogging the downspouts further.
  • Ensure removing the paste-like slush made of asphalt roof shingles’ small granules, which eventually mixes with rainwater and dust.
  • With the help of full water force, clear the downspouts openings. It will wash away the residual matter too.
  • Plan for gutters that are sloping around one inch vertically for every 20 horizontal feet. It will help properly drain-out the water.

Keep a strict lookout of the shingles

While you are out inspecting your house roof, make a point of checking whether all the shingles are lying flat, without any signs of damage. Hammer down the nails of loose shingles, to keep them in place. If you see any further damage, like the blistering, bending or collapsing shingles, consult a roof maintenance agency for a new professional evaluation.

You have to make an appointment for the replacement of roof shingles with a qualified roofing contractor if the conditions look worse. Spring-time is the perfect time to plan for roofing work.

Check or replace the flashings

The roofs are inter-connected with the metal or plastic flashings, at many points. It is mainly used in and around the kitchen chimneys, surrounding the sky-lights and the roof edges. While inspecting the shingles, check the plugs. Try unplugging it on your own, or else call for a proficient roofer. You might have to replace the flashing if there are any signs of rust on them.

Try stopping the shingles from persistent water damage.

When spring arrives, take a close look at the house ceilings. Keep a note on the wet spots, wall-paint bubbles, or signs related to water damage. It is never enough to put just a bucket, while the roof is leaking during monsoons! You have to contact roofing contractors. Their job is to inspect the affected portion carefully and repair the same. This quick maintenance prevents further damages to the interior of your home, potentially leading to mold.

Keep off the animals from burrowing inside

During spring-time, animals like birds, raccoons, mice, and field rats become active. Winter is the time when they hardly come out of their shelters. But these animals cause significant damage to the roof shingles, once spring arrives.

Their intention is to build a nest on the roofs, which results in potential damage to your property. Raccoons generally are well-known for tearing off the roof shingles, as they burrow inside the house attic to give birth to their babies! Least you can do is to stay alert and keep a strict vigil on the roof edges. Repair any loose ends, so that these animals never find a place inside. You will bless your stars for this swift action.

Be a level-headed homemaker

Roof shingles make up the most significant part of any roof structure. A decently structured roof depends on the shingles.  When a bad storm hits be sensible in contacting the roof maintenance company as soon as it’s practical. Keep all the related roofing details handy, so that you can contact the roofing contractors during any emergency.

You should also be well-versed with the sort of materials being used and their warranties. Be a level-headed homemaker, and follow these essential tips for spring shingle roof maintenance.

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