4 Repairs to Make Before Selling Your Home

What Should Be Repaired Before Selling a House?

From real estate investors, house flippers, or homeowners, everyone is looking to make the most from a home sale. Taking the time to upgrade your property not only will help you get more offers on your properties but also help you sell your home for more!

An easy way to make the most for you properties is by upgrading and repair your home BEFORE it goes on the market. These top 4 repairs promise a significant return on investment and will make selling your home a breeze.

Repairs to Make Before Selling a HouseFresh Paint

Who doesn’t love a fresh coat of paint? A Fresh coat of paint can help liven up any space, increase your home value, and is a great way to attract new buyers.

Paint is an excellent way to unifying your interior, make it feel new, and adding a sense of cleanliness to any space. Depending on the color you choose, it can make your pace feel more modern, inviting, classic, serene.

Paint sets the scene for your new buyers, so picking the perfect colors for your space is a necessity. Cool tones are a great way to help to unify across rooms, such as gray, green, blue, and more!For more inviting spaces, such as living rooms and kitchens, yellow, red, orange, or just earth tones is a safe option, as long as the shade is not too overpowering to the rest of the home.

Painting your house can increase your value, attract new buyers, and is a relatively inexpensive repair to do! Don’t forget to touch up your trim boards, and white accents always make a painted room pop. For an added statement piece, a brightly colored front door can even add more value to your home!


Another easy and relatively inexpensive repair that homeowners can make before listing their home is to update their landscaping. Depending on where you live this may vary, however, upgrading your curb appeal is always a smart idea before listing a home on the market.

Some easy fixes you can do to boost your curb appeal are:

  • Remove Dead Trees/Plants
  • Add Mulch
  • Add Pathways
  • Power wash
  • Add pops of color

By removing eyesores such as dead plants and trees, buyers will see your home as much more vibrant and welcoming yard, having a clean yard is much better than one full of scattered plants and trees for the buyers to negotiate. You can also remove some objection from wishy-washy buyers who don’t want to have to maintain a large yard project.

Adding mulch to a yard is a simple way to clean up existing gardens and add a layer of fresh color. Adding mulch around garden beds, large trees, or potted plants will liven up any outdoor space.

If you have parts of your yard that are walked on regularly, adding stones or a clear path with make your yard look cleaner and more modern. Even placing a few large stepping tones may be the trick to remove a worn down grass path and make a fresh, more inviting scene.

Power Washing your home before your cell is a must! Power Washing instantly brightens your driveway and sidewalks making it cleaner and more appealing. It also is inexpensive, and the results are immediate. Perfect for when you take listing photos of your home.

For buyers looking to really enhance their curb appeal buying blooming flowers for the yard, whether potted or planted is a great way to add some color to their outdoor spaces. Large potted plants can be perfect for greeting buyers in entryways, or small perennial flowers freshly planted in some new mulch can guide new visitors to your front door! Small pops of colors, such as red, yellow, or blue, are great colors to make any buyer feel welcome.


Replacing your windows may seem like an enormous undertaking, but new windows provide a considerable boost in your curb appeal, but your home value. Buyers will love that they do not have to replace the windows, and new windows mean that they will have lower energy costs in their home.

New windows don’t just help in energy savings. A New set of windows is perfect for improving the interior and exterior looks of the home. Replacing your windows can be pricey up front, but having a clean and uniform look will improve your home value substantially.

Many first time home buyers say that when they look at the new features of a home, windows are always at the top of the list when shopping for homes.

Kitchen Updates

“Every house flipper knows that an updated kitchen is a necessity to make a profit on a flip. From small to large rehabs, spending money on kitchen updates always leads to a large payout. Kitchens are what sell homes over any other room in a house.”

Says Loren Howard who works for, Arizona Home Rehab Loans, Prime Plus Mortgages . The kitchen has been referred to as the heart of the home by many Realtors, and it is easy to see why.

Kitchens are where the majority of family gatherings, celebrations, and day to day living occurs. For those looking to make the most selling their home, updating their kitchen, even with minor repairs is a necessity.

Some Easy Kitchen Repairs that can help sell your home are:

  • Updated Cupboards
  • New Countertops
  • New Appliances

Updated cupboards not only are perfect for additional storage space but help a kitchen feel more modern and up to date. Updating your cabinets can be as easy a new coat of paint and new handles! These repairs are easy to do, take little time and effort, and do wonders to transform a kitchen with minimal effort.

New Countertops can update your space quickly and is a great way to highlight the rest of your kitchen as well. Stone is always a  great option for a counter, but other countertops, such as laminate, can be cheaper and still transform your kitchen quickly.

Stainless steel appliances are trendy with buyers, and having top of the line appliances is a great way to sweeten a sale. Any old or broken appliances should be replaced, but it is not necessary to replace every appliance if it is in good working order!

These kitchen updates will help drive buyers to your home, and for more kitchen rehab ideas, click here.


Make repairs before you sell your home is a great way to maximize your sale, buying selling faster, and for more money. For those looking to flip their own home, these simple home repairs are perfect for those looking to make the most of their home sale!

  1. Fresh Paint: A new coat of paint will make your house look uniform, modern, and more inviting to buyers.
  2. Landscaping: Improving your curb appeal and home value with a few landscaping improvements, like mulch, power washing and more!
  3. Windows: New windows improve the look of the home, and value, not to mention savings on energy costs.
  4. Kitchen Updates: Having a modern kitchen will help you sell your home faster, and simple upgrades, such as updated cupboards will get you more offers on your home.

What’s a home repairs you think a seller should make before selling?

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