7 Moving Tips For The First Time Renter

What to Know About Moving as a First-Time Renter

Are you considering renting your first apartment or house? The decision to move into your first home is a big step. There is a lot to consider when moving for the first time. Whether buying, selling, or renting, there are moving tips to follow that will make your experience a lot less stressful.

Here are seven useful tips to guide you as a first-time renter.

Your Budget

Beyond hiring one of the best moving companies or deciding to do it yourself, you’ll need to have a spending plan in place. Moving is costly, so this cost is essential not to underestimate.

If cost is an issue, some folks opt for getting their own moving truck and getting friends to participate in the move.

Let’s take a peek at what to think about after the move takes place.

Now is the time to use your spreadsheet skills. List everything you can think of that you spend money on. Include these three different categories:

  • Necessities
  • Savings
  • Discretionary

Moving Tips For First Time RentersIt is important, to be honest with yourself; if you eat out four nights a week, put that in the budget. There is no point in creating an incorrect expense list. If you rent a place, you will be responsible for the rent, utilities, and other things associated with a home. Not paying these bills will adversely affect your credit score, and that can be difficult to fix.


When you have a budget in mind, look at the city or town you are interested in living in. Are there affordable areas? Is safety a concern? Is transportation available? Is the area you are interested in close to your school or work? If you have budget constraints, don’t set your sights on a high-end luxury apartment as you will only be setting yourself up for disappointment.

Instead, check out the available places you can afford. Looking online is the fastest way to narrow your search to places you have enough money for. An online search can also give you a clue about the different neighborhoods in your price range.

For example, if you’re planning a move, you’re going to want to be sure you’re well aware of the costs associated with the neighborhood before signing a lease. This is key!

Take a Tour

Although you will want to see the place you are thinking about renting in person, try narrowing your choices down by looking online first. A virtual tour may save you time, although it is important to understand that many times a photo or video can be slightly deceptive. Choose a few places, take the video tours, and then make an appointment to visit in person before you sign a lease.

Understanding the Lease

Rental agreements are going to be different depending upon many things. If you are renting in a university area, some apartments may offer school-year leases; if not, the lease will probably run in calendar year increments.

Make sure you know what will be included in your lease or tenancy agreement as it’s known in the UK. Will you be responsible for utilities or any outside maintenance? Find out if there is a deposit required and if it is refundable. And, will you need to pay the first and last month’s rent in addition to that deposit?

Depending on your situation, you may need a co-signer; this is someone who guarantees the rent payment will be made if you should fail to pay.

Be prepared to provide information like your social security number, employment verification, and your driver’s license.

How to Move-In

It seems simple enough: you take your stuff and move it into a new place. However, depending on the type of place you are moving into, there may be rules, certain days, doors, and elevators that are to be used for moving.

Check with your landlord or management company for the details. This is also a good time to find out how to dispose of moving materials and trash in general.


If you have a car, it is important to know if you have a designated parking spot or garage or if you will be fighting for street parking every evening. In some urban locations, arrangements can be made for separate parking facilities, but know this will be an additional cost to your budget.

If you are a bike rider, you will need to determine how you will store your bike. Is there a porch or patio? Are there bike racks in a secure area of the garage? Or will you need to bring your bike into your apartment?

Utilities and Service Providers

If electricity, gas, water, and waste disposal are not included in your rent, you will have to contact these companies and arrange for service. Some utility companies will request the same information you provided the landlord.

If you are sharing your apartment with roommates, you will need to designate the person responsible for these payments. Generally, utility companies do not split payments amongst roommates. Your Internet and cable providers will also need to be notified that you want service. Again, they will usually not split bills.

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As you can see, there are many things to consider as a first-time renter. With a little thought and planning, however, it can be a wonderful experience.

Final Thoughts on Moving as First-Time Renter

Moving into your own place for the first time is a cause for celebration. Just don’t get ahead of yourself by making some of the more common moving mistakes. Make sure you do all your necessary due diligence before signing any contracts. Proper research will ensure you have made the right business decision.

Best of luck in your search!

Sam RadbilAbout the author: The above article on moving tips for a new renter was written by Sam Radbil. Sam is an author at ABODO Apartments, an online apartment marketplace that helps renters find apartments all across the country. ABODO reports on rent rates, the changing of real estate markets, and trends within the real estate industry.

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