8 Home Office Décor Tips for Ultimate Productivity

There are a lot of people who believe that all they need to do in order to create a great-looking home office is just to set apart a corner of a room or a bedroom closet that’s big enough to fit a desk. This is simply not true, because an office represents more than just a place where you can do some clerical work. What an office should be is – a shrine of productivity. The only way for you to achieve this is to start changing things in your home in order to make a room that can keep up with this idea.

Here are eight décor tips to help you get your office to a place of Zen.

Home office decor tipsSound-proofing the room

The worst thing about noise is the fact that it’s one of the worst productivity-killers out there. Still, there are some noises that you just can’t do much about, that is, unless you’re willing to go one step further and sound-proof the room. Soundproofing is a hefty investment but one that’s more than worth your while. Moreover, by choosing the most remote area of the home, you’ll already do the majority of this work, and by picking a room that’s facing the backyard, you’ll eliminate the bulk of the noises coming from the outside traffic.

Keep the place tidy and clean

The next thing you need to figure out is how to keep the place as tidy as possible. You see, by working in a messy environment, you’ll A) increase the number of visual distractions in the room and B) have a much harder job of knowing where the items that you need are located. Also, working in a messy environment is known to be a health hazard, which is definitely something that could hurt your productivity in the long run.

Motivational posters

Motivational quotes shouldn’t be seen just like things that sound nice when uttered. What they also represent are inspiring quotes that should help you go further and perform better than you usually would. Now, one of the biggest problems with motivational quotes is the fact that people tend to forget them as soon as they stop reading them. There are two known methods to prevent this from happening. The first one is to keep repeating them, and the second one is to have these quotes printed out and framed and posted around your office.

Make it office-like

By attempting to have your home office resemble the traditional office as much as possible, what you’ll achieve is creating a scenario where your productivity can skyrocket. The first step on this path is to make it visually resemble an office, which is something that we’ve already discussed in the previous section. Second, you need to make your inventory office-like, and one of the simplest ways to do so is to find a platform like winc.com.au and order standard office stationery.

Personalize the working space

Once you’re done with the office infrastructure, what you need to achieve is the personalization of the office space. Imagine a standard cubicle in a traditional office and try to describe what you see there. Every cubicle is different because the majority of office workers tend to decorate them with their personal items. Why not do the same in your home office? Start by placing a photograph of your family on the desk and then go a step further. Use mementos from family vacations and items from your collection to decorate the area. You can even use a treasured family heirloom to make this image complete.

Natural light

The importance of natural light for your productivity cannot be stressed enough, and there are a couple of things you can do to make this better. First of all, while choosing the room (something we’ve discussed near the beginning of the post), you should pick a room that’s facing east. This way, you can get a steady influx of natural light early in the morning when you’re the most productive. As for the additional décor elements, a simple mirror can do the trick, just make sure not to place it in a position where it will be too distracting.

Coffee maker

Having a coffee maker in the home office is a smart move because going all the way to the kitchen to brew one is A) a waste of time and B) a risk of encountering something distracting along the way. Moreover, previously, we’ve discussed the importance of visual and audio stimuli, and now it’s time we’ve added yet another sense into the mix. Namely, other than this, the smell of freshly brewed coffee will spread across the room, thus further stimulating you to work.

Restricted area

What good is sound-proofing your office if the bulk of the noise is coming from the inside? What we mean by this is the fact that your roommates, family members, and neighbors might barge right in and completely disregard the fact that you’re hard at work because, well, you’re at home.

Aside from setting some ground rules, you might want to install a lock on your home office or, at very least, put up a sign that will notify the outside world that you’re unavailable and that you’re, indeed, working. Sure, this décor trick might seem like it belongs more on the door of a teenager’s room than that of a telecommuting professional but desperate times call for drastic measures.


As you can see, each of the above-listed suggestions has a particular way of solving one specific problem that you’re facing in your telecommuting efforts. By combining all of them and going above and beyond to give the room a bit of your personal flavor, you might just create a unique set of working conditions under which you’re the most productive.

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